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  • Risk Management

    Both in Turkey and in the world dynamics of the economy are constantly changing. To effectively meet the needs of the continuity of your business, profitability should be the stable. Nowadays, competition is the most important challenge affecting the continuity of business. In this competitive environment, INVESTMENT, RESPONSIBILITIES AND RECEIVABLES of risk must be guaranteed.

    1. Business Analysis
    2. Corporate Risk Analysis
    3. Current Insurance Inventory Analysis
    4. Risk Management Presentation
    5. Making Of Product And Pricing Comparison Tables
    6. Improving Proposal Process
    7. Monitoring And Finalization Of Damage Process

  • Risk Analysis

    Every business and every company has its own risk issues. While some insurance companies are competitive in all-risks insurance, some other are competitive in health insurance. The same way, the business in which your company is involved, has its own risk factors. While for a Law Office the priorities are Professional responsibility risks, for a manufacturing company this will be employer responbisibility risks.

  • Damage Management

    EVM Insurance supports you and your company with its experience in damage process and with its latest vast information system.

  • For Foreign Citizens

    EVM Insurance provides also insurance consultancy services in English, French and Spanish languages for the foreign citizens who work, invest or reside in Turkey.

  • Your Adress For Comfortable Insurance…

    EVM Insurance provides optimal solutions to your needs with its vast professional knowledge.